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Brushed Cotton Duvet Cover Reviews

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Didn’t work for me

I have heavy, feather stuffed pillows. The brushed cotton was a bit too soft - you could see feathers stick out through them. I’m also a little annoyed by the fact that I haven’t gotten a refund for these yet.

Hannah F. - Verified Buyer
Duvet and Sheets

I do not like the sheets I bought. I find them scratchy and not soft. The thread count isn’t what I am used to. I wouldn’t buy these again.

Gina O. - Verified Buyer
Great feel but lacking quality

So I purchased my brushed cotton duvet from crate and barrel. One of the great things about this fabric is that it feels amazing as soon as you open then. I really love the feel of this material. However, my first issue came 2 weeks in! A hole in the fabric, these aren’t cheap so a hole was not a happy site for me. This was the first sign of their longevity. Now 2 months later I have lost 2 buttons from the bottom of the duvet. Very disappointing- looking at some of the other buttons they don’t look to far behind. I would have gave these 5 Stars when I first got them ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️, now I’m going to have to go with two⭐️⭐️. For this amount of money, one deserves to get a quality product that will last many nights.

Duvet broke within a week

The duvet set came quickly and we were so excited since it was so soft and comfortable. However, after having it for one week, the straps that keep the duvet filling in place broke off. I expect a duvet with this price point to be more durable. Very disappointed in the quality and durability of this item.

We never received it.

We never received it.

Lauren M. - Verified Buyer
Ripped when I first put on my bed

I really wanted to like this set. It was super soft, but VERY thin. I could see the pattern of my mattress through the fitted sheet. And when I put the duvet cover on for the first time, the duvet cover ripped. Very disappointed with the quality.

Arielle R. - Verified Buyer

I purchased a brushed cotton duvet cover in late summer. When I saved enough money to purchase a duvet insert, which I just received today, I washed the brushed cotton cover. Two of the buttons were torn off the cover, leaving holes that are too large to simply stitch-repair, or to re-attach the buttons. I will have to purchase patch material in order to replace the buttons. I wanted to use my new duvet tonight, as it's gotten cold here. I am SO disappointed!