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Down Pillow Reviews

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Exactly right!

After reading the reviews and looking at the video (of head hitting the pillow), I ordered the medium down. When it arrived I was pleasantly surprised it was exactly right, so I ordered another!

Doug N. - Verified Buyer
Down pillow heaven!

I love my down pillow! Just what I wanted.

Julie W. - Verified Buyer
Pretty good

Got the soft one. May try the firmer one next time.

Chad S. - Verified Buyer
Very impressed

No more neck pain. As a back sleeper, the medium fill works great. Love the allergy cover and ability to wash the pillow. I've bought many different types of pillows. Relived to find a simple, effective option. Worth every penny.

Mary S. - Verified Buyer
Quality down pillows

I sought firm down pillows. They are very firm—maybe too firm for everyone’s preference, but these are pillows that will last. Very good!

Dianne V. - Verified Buyer
Two fantastic pillows

I bought two — one soft and the other medium. They are wonderful!

Cynthia C. - Verified Buyer
No more arm pain

I thought this pillow would not be firm enough, but I was so wrong. The loft holds my head at the perfect angle to my body. I’m a side sleeper and was having a lot of arm pain from just being old. Turns out I just needed a new pillow.

Karen A. - Verified Buyer
Best pillow EVER

This pillow is what I have been searching for for years. Most “high” end down pillows go flat and ends up hurting my neck as a side sleeper. This pillow in form is awesome. The first night I had it I slept like a baby. And a few months later it is still holding strong. Don’t hold out any longer, go ahead and buy it now

Dustin A. - Verified Buyer
Great pillow.

Super soft and fluffy. I'm sleeping much better now!

Tamara T. - Verified Buyer
It’s my favorite pillow

Honestly when I first got it I was disappointed. It felt like a lot of money for nothing. It’s super lightweight and I love it. I bring it with me on vacation and purchased a second.

Lis S. - Verified Buyer