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Down Pillow Reviews

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Love these pillows!

These are the most comfortable pillows we’ve ever had. We chose the middle amount of filling. We like to bunch the pillow or fold over the edge for side sleeping. Very happy with them!

Linda K. - Verified Buyer
Good pillow

Good pillow

Diego L. - Verified Buyer
Finally...the Right Pillow!

Like you, I've tried numerous pillows to try to get the one that works the best for me. This time I have found a winner! The medium support I tried at first was not nearly enough for me. Perhaps because I have wide shoulders. In any event, the firm support is wonderful. If you have king size bed, be sure to get the king size pillow. It's an absolute dream and I love this pillow!!

David H. - Verified Buyer
Down Pillow

Adore my new down pillow—it’s so comfy. Definitely been sleeping better since I got it. In fact, it’s been so comfortable, I ended up getting a second one.

amy r. - Verified Buyer
Best Pillow

Love this down pillow, so comfortable and well made!

Linda M. - Verified Buyer
King size medium is just right

The pillows arrived promptly. There is no scent as reported with some other brands. We got the down mediums and it's been great. Firm enough but pliable and soft.

William S. - Verified Buyer
Firm down pillow

Pillow is great. Very comfortable, but the best thing of all is the Parachute customer service!

Marla M. - Verified Buyer
What a great pillow!

I sent for 5 top- reviewed down pillows. How else to decide? Parachute beat them all. My soft down pillow cradles my head when I lay on my back. None others did that. It's super soft while keeping its loft. Though I'm a side-sleeper, I like it that it gives me a little support on the side. I really love this pillow because there's something about how soft and lofty it is - and it was the lightest, weight-wise, of the five. Four were sent back, This is my keeper. Thanks, Parachute. (And what a creative name for a pillow company!)

Stephen W. - Verified Buyer
Love my new pillow!

And that’s that!

amy r. - Verified Buyer
Great Pillow

Worth the money if you like down pillows. Love it!

ROBERT W. - Verified Buyer