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Down Pillow Reviews

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The search is finally over!

I had neck pain and was looking for a pillow for a year, that is "flat" and fluffy at the same time. Soft parachute pillow is perfect.

Gala R. - Verified Buyer
Pillow Talk

It’s been a few weeks since I got my standard down pillows with the linen cases are functioning nicely. I think they’re a keeper. Personally, I haven’t found pillows that I have been this positive about for a very long time. The great thing is, you can try them for thirty days to see for yourself. What’s to lose???

Howard S. - Verified Buyer
Been searching for the perfect

Been searching for the perfect pillow for years… this may be it!

Dawnelle M. - Verified Buyer
Best Down Pillow Ever!

I've slept on a number of different down pillows and this one is by far the best of the best. Soft but firm...perfect for me...a side sleeper. It stays puffy and is easy to manipulate if I choose to lay on my back. Don'y hesitate to buy's amazing!

Sandra I. - Verified Buyer

Love this pillow after a very long search for a perfect down pillow

Jan E. - Verified Buyer
Parachute soft down pillow

It’s perfect for me, a stomach sleeper—soft, not too soft, cozy, cool. I will get 2 more for our guests.

Elke S. - Verified Buyer
Just what I wanted

Perfect down pillow for me. Soft and filled just right.

Leslie G. - Verified Buyer

I do like this pillow better than my others but I think perhaps my ideal pillow my be feathers or a combination of feathers and down.

Kaye L. - Verified Buyer

I've spent a lot of money on pillows that were not as advertised. Not this one! It is just right.

Barbara W. - Verified Buyer


john p. - Verified Buyer