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Down Pillow Reviews

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Great pillow !

Best pillow I’ve had yet. Soft but Still supportive.

Brandi T. - Verified Buyer
Best Pillow ever

Best Pillow ever

Barbara R. - Verified Buyer
Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pillow

Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pillow

Jack B. - Verified Buyer
Amazing pillow. I have a

Amazing pillow. I have a duct and firm. Both excellent snd comfortable

Austinb C. - Verified Buyer
Sleepin’ On A Cloud

So yummy, so comfy, and yet supportive because I am a side sleeper. It’s perfect.

ROBIN K. - Verified Buyer

I've exclusively slept on down pillows for 50+ years. My current pillow has served well for far too many years. I have purchased no less than four possible replacements, each retired after a couple nights. Most manufacturers tend to over estimate the amount of actual down thus hard feather shafts poking through the cover. I purchased a name brand, fairly expensive, supposedly down pillow that was not unlike sleeping on a hay bale due to the crunching inside. I questioned the Parachute even before opening the box as it was so light, I was expecting to find an empty box. Oh what a surprise! It's light, fluffy and not unlike I would imagine sleeping on a cloud. I was finely able to retire my old faithful soldier that has served well past it's end of life. It's quite obvious that the Parachute is all quality soft down, no lumps or crunching feathers. Perfect for a stomach sleeper, cradles my head like a powder puff, good neck support and magically springs back to full size when I make up the bed. No doubt this is the perfect pillow.

Francis N. - Verified Buyer
Amazing pillow

The best pillow I’ve ever owned! Quality is way better than other down pillows I’ve had in the past

Dawn N. - Verified Buyer


Craig R. - Verified Buyer
Second set - must be Great!

These are the best pillows that we have rested our heads on - EVER! We have the medium fill king sized down pillows. I have a bad neck and this is the only pillow I will use. As a testament to its perfection, we bought a second set for our vacation place. The best around!

Sharon R. - Verified Buyer
Can't beat real down!

Worth every penny to get the real thing. Nothing beats true down pillows!

Debbie L. - Verified Buyer