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Down Pillow Reviews

1234 Reviews

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Light and soft

The pillow is exactly what I was looking for - light and soft. It is not bulky at all.

Anna R. - Verified Buyer
Love love love

Love love love

Eric B. - Verified Buyer
Soft, light, but still great

Soft, light, but still great support

Benjamin L. - Verified Buyer
Seriously the BEST pillow out there!

I’ve tried so many various down filled pillows, Parachute is by far the best quality. Yes, it’s a little more expensive than your average pillow but worth every penny when you spend 50+ hours a week in bed! The soft was a little too soft for me, medium is perfect for a side sleeper in my opinion. Love that you don’t feel the pointy quills poking at you, it’s like sleeping on a cloud.

Annette P. - Verified Buyer
Comfortable, long lasting & easy to clean!

These pillows are soooo comfortable, they hold their shape, and they are easy to clean in the washing machine! I've had them for about 5 months and they are still as fluffy & comfortable as they were on day one. I purchased the wool dryer balls to use when I clean them which work really well & I love the cute design of the bag they come in. These are hands down the best pillows I've ever owned. Highly recommend!

Julie F. - Verified Buyer
Great pillows

Just what I needed for a good nights sleep!

BRUCE H. - Verified Buyer
So Full and Soft

Bought a wonderful King/firm for side sleeping and still love it just as much 2 months later. At the time of purchase my DH insisted he didn’t want or need a new pillow, but I can not begin to tell you the number of times I have come to bed and found him wrapped around my Parachute pillow. So guess what my DH is getting for Christmas this year?

Jennifer A. - Verified Buyer
Exactly what I wanted!!

This pillow is awesome! I have one criticism, but I will get to that later. I am a back sleeper with neck and headache problems and I was looking for a pillow that would allow my head to lay almost flat against the bed when I put my head down while still supporting my neck. This way I can still keep the curve in my neck without having my head lifted up. In addition, I need my pillow to cuddle up the sides of my head by my ears. I like support on the sides of my head since I always put my neck out of place when my head just rolls right or left with no support if I don't have a support there too! This pillow is perfect! It fluffs back up every time you fluff it! and it feels like a cloud when you lay your head on it. I have tried all the pillows out there that are supposed to help with that, but they don't, and this met my needs!!! I had been using a latex pillow and trying to flatten down the middle, while keeping a the curve in my neck and still attempting to have it come up on the side. It worked until I moved at all and then the shape I created just fell apart. Not with this Pillow!!! because I got the lowest fill, and it is still down filled it always cradles the sides of my head no matter which way I tilt, and all I have to do for my neck support is wiggle my hand in the center of the pillow to separate the down a bit to make a dent for my head to go in, while still giving me neck support, and walaaa the perfect pillow! Now, the only criticism I have is that this only comes in a standard supposedly = to a queen size or a king. I didn't need a king, bu the standard/queen size is definitely smaller than a standard Queen size in almost all other pillow brands, and I wish it was a true Queen size so I don't feel like I am on a kids pillow size. Otherwise, this pillow is a dream!

Natalie D. - Verified Buyer
Fab pillow

Pillow is well made and so fluffy. Great thread count on material co ering

Deborah H. - Verified Buyer
Great pillow

A bit expensive but worth it.

Leigh V. - Verified Buyer