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Down Pillow Reviews

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Love my king firm down pillow!

I sleep on my side, and my shoulders/neck were not properly supported with the old pillows I had. This new pillow was worth the cost- I let it get to what felt like an emergency situation after a long flight and recurring neck pain, and the very first night I had my new one, I felt a difference. I also love the 60 day trial period, knowing I could exchange it if I wasn't loving the full (Which I do. My husband sleeps on his stomach and loves the medium fill).

Maya R. - Verified Buyer
once you know you know

It's a lot of money but worth every penny.

Aaron H. - Verified Buyer
Best investment ever!

I absolutely love my pillow. No neck soreness and no headaches anymore. Thank you and it was worth every dollar.

Alice S. - Verified Buyer
First all down pillow !!!

So like the title says , this is my and my wife’s first all down pillows for both of us. We both got king size in firm, I will say for a down pillow the firm one hold it’s shape well. We are planning on getting two queen size pillows in medium firmness, as I am a stomach sleeper and the firm pillow is stuffed with so many feathers, it really is firm. We feel the medium firmness is better suited for stomach sleepers . However I am glad I got the girl ones in king size because if you are sitting up to watch tv , they are perfect .

Devon B. - Verified Buyer
I love down pillows

I had tried several down pillows and all were to hard ‘this is exactly what I like very soft. I would like it to be a little more stuffed so maybe I should have chose a firmer one to get more stuffing but it is so soft and I Love it.

Sharon F. - Verified Buyer
Down pillow

This is as soft as I like it to be, and I also like pillows that squish down so that my neck is not raised up. Wonderful pillow!

Grace N. - Verified Buyer
High quality as expected

This was a first time purchase. I expected a quality item based on other reviews and I was not disappointed. The pillow specifications are spot on. Attention to detail in the construction are obvious at a glance and the contents hold up after repeated use.

Melissa C. - Verified Buyer

I love my parachute pillow at home so much that I bought one to use and leave at my daughter’s home when I am visiting her.

Ann O. - Verified Buyer
I did not expect the pillow to be so soft that can roll up in a ball

I did not expect the soft pillow to be so soft that rolls up in ball.

Patti P. - Verified Buyer
Best sleep in years!

I never thought I would find a pillow that was as comfortable as my pillow growing up. My Grandma (from the old school) made the feather pillow I grew up loving and sleeping with and I have never found another one , until now. The new king size firm pillow from parachute is just the pillow my sleepless nights had been looking for, I want to thank you from my newly acquired sleep that has returned me to my younger days. I have now found my happy spot again.

Mark Z. - Verified Buyer