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Down Pillow Reviews

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New model less stuffing

This is my second parachute pillow. The first one is about 3” higher than my new one. I will be returning the second one.

Michael D. - Verified Buyer
not for me

I didn’t like it. The pillow got flat immediately. I returned it.

Maria C. - Verified Buyer
Not keeping cool

Bought this pillow in November and wanted to give some time before the review. For first 3 month it was fine. However the pillow now seems about 1/2 the size of original and does not retain any coolness. I know this because we bought 2 pillows and one of them was for guest bedroom so I can easily compare them. Definitely does not justify the cost.

Dennis F. - Verified Buyer
Not supportive

Not supportive

Nina K. - Verified Buyer
Returned after a week.

Was not impressed and felt the pillow was not worth the money I had spent. The pillow was very flat. I was expecting a hotel type, over filled, fluffy, and comfortable pillow. Did not see how the 80.00 pillow was any better than a 15.00 one I could buy at any local department store.

Mary R. - Verified Buyer
Too soft

I got a white down for back sleeper but it’s too soft and doesn’t provide enough support . Will return

David P. - Verified Buyer
Not enough support

I chose the softest one as suggested because I’m a stomach sleeper. But the pillow is way too soft and my head sinks to the mattress when sleeping on it. There’s should still be some support with the softest option. Really wanted to love this but there’s just not enough down in this pillow.

Rebecca L. - Verified Buyer

Awful feather smell. Returning.

Josh C. - Verified Buyer
Down pillow

It smells funky. Sending it back

Catherine S. - Verified Buyer
was too soft and not

was too soft and not enough lift

Peter N. - Verified Buyer