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Down Pillow Reviews

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No firmness

I’ve had down pillows before and this one sinks in way too much. Almost like it’s not filled enough. Definitely don’t recommend especially for the price

Justin M. - Verified Buyer
Does not provide adequate head support

I was excited for my Parachute king sized down pillow because it had such great reviews. After eagerly awaiting its arrival, it definitely was a let down. The pillow did not provide adequate head support. As soon as I place my head on the pillow, it felt like my head was directly on the mattress. The price was not worth it, very disappointing.

Lisa H. - Verified Buyer
Don’t waste your $

Pillows were a waste of time and $. For being highly priced I expected the pillows to be softer and mold to my head. My husband and I both had stiff necks after one night. Returned them ASAP.

Jordyn A. - Verified Buyer
Very disappointing

The pillows have a very odd smell to them, that is not pleasant. I was hoping that would go away over time, but it has existed since I bought them. I am afraid this was a big waste of money.

Anthony C. - Verified Buyer
Too soft

I will be returning- and it continues to get softer with each passing day.

Diana H. - Verified Buyer
Flat pillow

I bought this pillow because it said it was best for back sleepers. I’m trying to train myself to sleep on my back so I bought the medium support. This pillow arrives all fluffy and nice, but after laying on it about 30 seconds, the pillow goes totally flat. Maybe feather pillows are supposed to have zero support. I don’t love it.

Chantel C. - Verified Buyer
Super thin

Paper thin! Do not buy.

Madeline C. - Verified Buyer
Worse than the cheapest pillows I've had

I really do not like this pillow. It's too light-weight, always puffed up, and not puffed enough when I'm lying on it. It's not substantial, supportive, or luxurious. It is just a very light, totally OK pillow. It also faintly smells like Triscuits. I tried to return immediately, but during covid-19 and moving out of the city, it was too tedious to find a post office and pack up this pillow to ship back. I asked support if I could return it to one of their stores (now open) instead, and they said no. My understanding is that the pillow will be donated or recycled in some way, so to go to a post office, pack it, and ship it back to the warehouse seems superfluous. Would be much happier if Parachute allowed in-store returns or even, like mattress companies do, a pickup for recycling. I will likely never get around to returning it, and I've now had it in my closet for a while, but I still get sad thinking about spending $100 on this.

Lucie L. - Verified Buyer
Medium is too thin for back sleeper

We own two sets of sheets and love them. So we thought buying the pillow was a no-brained. Unfortunately, the pillow failed to meet our expectations. We purchased a medium firmness as we are back sleepers, but it just isn’t firm enough. It’s even thinner than the old pillows we intended to replace!

Brendan S. - Verified Buyer
Not supportive enough

Unfortunately this pillow didn’t provide enough support and I am returning it. I was also surprised by how lightweight it was—I was expecting the density of a hotel pillow. I wish there were an easy way to make an exchange for a different plushness, but there’s not.

Mary S. - Verified Buyer