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Down Pillow Reviews

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I slept on this one night and when rolling over to my side, I was smelling garbage. At first I was thinking, where is this coming from? In the morning, I realized it was my brand new pillow! I'm sorry, but for $170, I don't think my pillow should smell like hot garbage. Returning!

Jane P.
Putrid Stench/Flattens very quickly

Upon opening the pillows (firm and medium), I was met with an overwhelming wet/dirty bird smell. I own a lot of down products of ranging quality and honestly have never run into one that smelled so incredibly bad. I contacted CS and they said this was normal for their product and to give it a few days. I let the pillows sit and air out for over a week with no improvement at all. I wanted to see if the pillows themselves were any good so I did battle with it and try to sleep on them a couple nights, despite the smell (that ended up permeating all of my bedding). The initial loft and feel is excellent, but after a few hours even the firm compacts and flattens, becoming very hard and unsupportive. The down also does not bounce back on its own (even in the first days, which is an ominous sign for longevity) so it is required to really punch and fluff it constantly (inevitably when you wake up in the night) to bring it back a bit. They also sleep quite warm, which was fine for me but not my wife. Not sure if I just got a bad batch of down or what, but for the price, this has been an awful experience. I had high hopes.


I have the down and the down alternative, both in medium firmness. The down alternative is slightly more firm than the down. They are both really uncomfortable after about 3 months of use -- which happens to be the point at which they are no longer returnable. They don't hold their shape, and you can't return them. Massive waste of money.

Jamal N.
Not the quality I expected

I purchased two medium-density down pillows and was not pleased with what I received. They were under-stuffed and flaccid, and went flat immediately when used. I had to punch them and bunch them up into a tighter mass to get any support at all. I have been buying and using down pillows for decades, so I know what a good one feels like. Not these. Not good value for the price.

One of the worst purchases I've ever made - worthless product

Purchased the medium density down pillow. The pillow went flat within the first 2 months of use to the point of being impossible to sleep on. The 3 year warranty claim on the product is total BS. I asked for a refund or exchange to a firm pillow and was told to "wash my pillow" and use a "pillow protector". For this price point and from Parachute I was expecting much better products and customer service.


Parachute sent me a dirty pillow covered

Adam F.
Medium Pillow

Purchased medium pillow as I am a side sleeper. However it was still too firm. Unfortunately Parachute has a very strict return policy. And even though I only tried the pillow once, they will not allow returns after 60 days. Please keep that in mind when you purchase from Parachute.

Penny L.