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Down Pillow Reviews

1234 Reviews

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Medium is too soft

The medium pillow is more of a soft/flat option. It kills my neck! I tried it for almost 2 months just to make sure I was used to it but it's still way too soft and uncomfortable. Returning. I would get something on the firm side if browsing again

Audrey D. - Verified Buyer
Terrible pillow

Just collapses under you.

Lauren P. - Verified Buyer
Firm Down Pillow

Bleah! After WEEKS of trying to air this thing out, it still smells like a duck’s rear end or a rotten corn cob. Either I got somebody’s reject or a pillow that didn’t pass inspection. Incredible. I liked your towels OK, but you’re insulting my intelligence with this garbage. Make it right.

Mike K. - Verified Buyer
Big disappointment

I heard a lot about Parachute pillows and had great expectations for it. However, I was unable to sleep on it at all. In the morning my neck heart more than when I sleep on some of the cheapest pillows.

Diana K. - Verified Buyer
soft down pillow

The pillows are too soft.They flatten when i lay my head.

Rosalyn J. - Verified Buyer
Pancake pillow- disappointed

Unfortunately, the “medium” had absolutely no support. The $10 IKEA pillow I was trying to replace has significantly more loft than this one. I returned it. The pillow completely flattened out right away. Disappointed as it was a long wait for delivery in the first place.

Heidi W. - Verified Buyer

On you recommendation as a side sleeper, we bought a firm pillow. I can't get used to it and have to take it off the bed and use an old soft down pillow. I know you meant well, but I shouldn't have taken your advice.

Ann H. - Verified Buyer
Not as described

This pillow had no stuffing. Super thin. Does not support head for back or side sleepers. Dont waste money

Angelica M. - Verified Buyer
A little disappointed

Its not as firm as I would have expected. I find myself fighting with it and folding to make it more firm. Will continue my search for the perfect pillow for me.

Andrew P. - Verified Buyer
Down Pllow Firm Standard

Not a luxuriously soft pillow as described. Felt more like a hockey puck. The standard size seemed smallish too. Way too much money charged. I feel that the push to be organic and sustainable with the product drove up the price to the point of skimping on the actual pillow itself.

Rhonda M. - Verified Buyer