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Down Mattress Pad Reviews

61 Reviews

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Thought it was-too-hot-at-first-but-it’s-nice-in-thr-winter!—I’m-sleeping-better!

Gerard G. - Verified Buyer
time will tell

Seems like a decent mattress pad, but I would not have bought it had I known it was Made in China. I did not realize that Parachute carried products that are made in China, especially given the very high price of their goods.

Paul G. - Verified Buyer
Only good if you already have an expensive mattress

If you have back pain, have hard mattress and are looking for a mattress topper to ease your life this mattress pad won’t do a thing. I guess the topper is nice if you already have a good mattress and just want a more luxurious feel to bed it might work?.. but not sure. Quality of the pad is pretty good but made my sleep hot at night. Only recommend if you have some money to spare on something nonfunctional.

Anna K. - Verified Buyer

This was not great. A bit underwhelmed. I added my feather bed on top of it.

Rosebella O. - Verified Buyer
Am I missing something?

By the reviews...I was expecting a nice soft layer to my "too firm" foam mattress.... Its barely an inch thick and I honestly felt nothing... I had to put the ugly yellow egg crate foam thing back on my bed and put this on top...not sure its worth the $200....

It’s okay

Not as thick as expected and shrank when washed.

Tricia C. - Verified Buyer

Overpriced for the quality

Melody H. - Verified Buyer
Too thin to be effective.

Too thin to be effective. We easily returned it with no problems.

Jesse H. - Verified Buyer
Wrong advertising Description

Advertised as a Mattress Topper and it arrived a Mattress Cover

Bonnie B. - Verified Buyer

This product did not come close to my expectations, not what I was expecting from a company I have heard so many goods things about. Returned after just three days. In fairness, the customer service team was great to work with.

Ryan C. - Verified Buyer