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Down Mattress Pad Reviews

61 Reviews

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Great mattress pad

I purchased the down mattress pad to add a little extra softness to our organic latex mattress. The quality is exceptional (the fabric, stitching, filling - no musty feather smell) and it offers just the right amount of extra padding and softness. We've had it for a few weeks now and it hasn't lost any of the initial fluffiness.

Helen C. - Verified Buyer
Love my new down mattress pad!

I just bought a new bed. The down mattress pad was the best addition to the bed. It feels so soft and comfortable. Just like I’m sleeping in a luxurious plush hotel bed.

John T. - Verified Buyer
Heaven on Earth!! It's like being in a hotel bed at home!!

We've got everything Parachute from this mattress pad to topper to bed sheets. We look forward to sleeping every night more than ever before!

Joyce L. - Verified Buyer
Nice way to add youth to your mattress

This mattress pad has brought life back to my mattress which felt irregular after 10 years of ownership. It feels like way I just bought a new mattress. Definitely not a night and day difference, but I think that's a qualitative assessment and comfort is in the eye of the beholder. I already had a pad on my mattress that has been there for 7 years and having this in addition to the old pad has been purely beneficial. I'm very happy with it!

Arthur J. - Verified Buyer


Sunny C. - Verified Buyer
Security for luxury sleep

I purchased this down mattress pad to keep the down mattress topper in place (from reviews on topper this was an issue some experienced). I also wanted to protect my investment of the eco mattress and down topper. This down mattress pad does the trick. I have a very large dog and she also loves the new bed. We already had the all weather down comforter and cotton protecter with linen bedding. Officially sleeping on a luxurious supportive (& protected) cloud.


Our new mattress (from a different store) ended up feeling overly firm, so we bought this mattress pad. It’s wonderful. It’s so cozy and soft but doesn’t bunch up or add a lumpy feel. The bed is seriously 10x comfier with this on. It is not too thick or thin. Would recommend!

Hilary E.
Would have liked for it

Would have liked for it to be a little thicker but I liked it overall.

Nancy D. - Verified Buyer
Maybe too comfortable

I took it off after about a week and wondering why my back was hurting, now I am fine after 2 days, I have a fairly stiff mattress,

Ryan H. - Verified Buyer
Pretty Good

I like this pad but it could have a little more padding, it certainly has helped with my comfort in bed. A little more padding would have made it perfect.

William L. - Verified Buyer