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Down Mattress Pad Reviews

51 Reviews

5 stars
40 (78%)
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Maybe too comfortable

I took it off after about a week and wondering why my back was hurting, now I am fine after 2 days, I have a fairly stiff mattress,

Ryan H. - Verified Buyer
Pretty Good

I like this pad but it could have a little more padding, it certainly has helped with my comfort in bed. A little more padding would have made it perfect.

William L. - Verified Buyer

Thought it was-too-hot-at-first-but-it’s-nice-in-thr-winter!—I’m-sleeping-better!

Gerard G. - Verified Buyer
time will tell

Seems like a decent mattress pad, but I would not have bought it had I known it was Made in China. I did not realize that Parachute carried products that are made in China, especially given the very high price of their goods.

Paul G. - Verified Buyer

This was not great. A bit underwhelmed. I added my feather bed on top of it.

Rosebella O. - Verified Buyer
Am I missing something?

By the reviews...I was expecting a nice soft layer to my "too firm" foam mattress.... Its barely an inch thick and I honestly felt nothing... I had to put the ugly yellow egg crate foam thing back on my bed and put this on top...not sure its worth the $200....

It’s okay

Not as thick as expected and shrank when washed.

Tricia C. - Verified Buyer

Overpriced for the quality

Melody H. - Verified Buyer
Too thin to be effective.

Too thin to be effective. We easily returned it with no problems.

Jesse H. - Verified Buyer

This product did not come close to my expectations, not what I was expecting from a company I have heard so many goods things about. Returned after just three days. In fairness, the customer service team was great to work with.

Ryan C. - Verified Buyer