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Down Mattress Pad Reviews

51 Reviews

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Best down mattress pad EVER!!!

Love it!!!

Jane E. - Verified Buyer
Makes me want to sleep

Makes me want to sleep all the time!

Connor P. - Verified Buyer

I bought this mattress pad to pair with the Parachute mattress and I couldn’t be more pleased. I’ve purchased a range of mattress pads over the years and I love that it’s down filled and not to bulky. Good price point for the quality too. Would definitely recommend.

Hannah A. - Verified Buyer

Exactly what I was looking for! This mattress pad provides added comfort to a mattress that may be slightly too hard. Breathable, it repels sweat and humidity. Very happy about this purchase!

Karina L. - Verified Buyer
So substantial and comfortable.

So substantial and comfortable.

Anne C. - Verified Buyer
we love it.

firm but cozy and soft with the down mattress pad. most importantly, i’m not hot. i always thought it was me, but turns out it was mattress. we’re a couple weeks in and we just love it.

Elizabeth H. - Verified Buyer
mattress Pad?

Just giving an honest non emotional review. I sleep on a firm mattress or the floor. otherwise i have back pain which affects my ability to work. the mattress pad was a compromise for my lady. To be totally honest I can't tell the difference but it protects our new mattress and she seems to notice the difference so I'm happy. Also It doesn't make me super hot which was my only concern.

Jeff M. - Verified Buyer
Heavenly! Been looking for a

Heavenly! Been looking for a new down mattress pad. This is perfect.

Gerald W. - Verified Buyer
Firm comfort. Perfect temp control.

Firm comfort. Perfect temp control. Love it!!!

Becky T. - Verified Buyer
Wonderful purchase

We bought this for our new mattress, which after a year is still a little too firm for our taste. Rather than buy a new new mattress, we decided to try this mattress pad. It works miracles! Our bed is so much comfier and cozier with this mattress pad. It’s completely solved the over-firm issue and saved us the huge expense of buying a whole new mattress. Love it!

Zachary P. - Verified Buyer