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Down Duvet Insert Reviews

485 Reviews

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Wish I got the Light Weight, The All Season is Too Hot

It is way too hot, I'm always and I mean always cold so I went with the All Season and regret not going with the Light Weight. I woke up in cold sweats every night and have never in my life experienced this. Returning for the Light Weight, fingers crossed it works out.

Audry C. - Verified Buyer

This insert is not really that fluffy. If it only had more fill I would’ve kept it. I ended up returning it.

John R. - Verified Buyer
feathers everywhere

Its' fluffy and it kept me warm throughout winter (45 degrees), but the feathers were leaking like crazy. it's everywhere. when you jump onto the bed you can see all the feathers flying up.

Oliver H.
Nice at first but..

Loved this when we first got it.. unfortunately the filling inside the comforter has become lumpy and there are bare spots within the comforter. I contact the company and received one replacement, only to find it has happened again. Esthetically it doesn’t look nice on our bed anymore either because it’s just a mess of lumps. Extremely disappointed especially with the price point.

Not what I wanted or expected

I feel like I was tricked into this purchase. Absolute let down. I wanted a set that was light and breathable and I didn’t get that. To be honest I really want my money back and will gladly return or donate these to some in need. Really disappointed

Jeremy N. - Verified Buyer

I wanted a lightweight duvet. This is way too heavy.

Malkie H. - Verified Buyer
How do I put this.

With all 4 corners tied into duvet cover properly, the two objects do not work well together. Constant struggle to keep things even and comfortable. Bought three Items, regret each one.

Aimee G. - Verified Buyer

The duvet insert along with the pillows had a smell right out of the packaging. I washed all of them in the laundry machine and dried them but they still have a smell. It's been a few weeks already and the smell will not go away.

Robert K. - Verified Buyer
Longer than avg duvet

This duvet (and the parachute cover!) isn’t the standard size—it is significantly longer than normal. So much so that it weighs down on your toes and drags the cover off when you sleep. The loft doesn’t feel better than other high quality duvets. Don’t fall for the branding and buy a mainstream high quality brand of duvet (Cuddle Down is my go to!).

Leah S. - Verified Buyer
Not worth the money

This duvet insert arrived smelling terrible. It also it's that much more comfortable than cheaper inserts.

Patrick O. - Verified Buyer