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Down Alternative Side Sleeper Pillow Reviews

391 Reviews

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So soft

Best pillow I ever had it's amazing

Carl T. - Verified Buyer
Aahhhhh. Finally!

Best pillow ever. I currently own about a dozen pillows that I've bought over the past few years - I have neck issues and could not find a pillow that was comfortable all night long and resulted in me waking up rested with minimal neck pain. I did a lot of reading on the Parachute pillows, then swallowed hard at the price and ordered one. After the first night, I splurged further and bought a satin pillow case which makes it even more comfortable. After several weeks, I now sleep the night thru and wake up rested with low or no neck pain. I highly recommend!!

lesley h. - Verified Buyer
Wonderful Pillow

I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and this pillow supports my neck perfectly as I learn to sleep on my side… not my back!

Sandy B. - Verified Buyer
Liked it!

I found this pillow to be very comfortable!

john h. - Verified Buyer
Side sleeping beauty!

A good night's rest goes a long way. Shuffling around and pillow flipping was routine before having this pillow! I have always been a side sleeper but sometimes sleep on my stomach or back. This pillow is supportive yet super comfy and now my partner wants one too!

Carina V. - Verified Buyer
Love these pillows

If you use the king size in a standard size pillow case, they are amazing.

Jon M. - Verified Buyer
Supportive and well made

The side sleeper pillow has relieved my left side neck and shoulder pain, would have disruptive sleep, waking with burning shoulder pain. There is a definite difference in the pillow construction, by adding the side strip between the top and bottom sections has made a major difference in my head and neck support. Always thought it was the pillow fill but it's the design. At the time I placed my order they offered two sizes. I ordered the standard size, which is a little on the small size.. Suggest they make a queen size because the next size would have been be too big.

Robin D. - Verified Buyer
Down Alternative Side Sleeper Pillow

The side sleeper is my favorite pillow. I sleep on my side without straining my neck. I do love it!!!

Molly G. - Verified Buyer


Lisa E. - Verified Buyer
I love the side pillow.

I love the side pillow. It gives just the right amount of support.

Linda T. - Verified Buyer