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Down Alternative Side Sleeper Pillow Reviews

270 Reviews

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Drawer life

Too wide. It’s actually sitting in a drawer

Patricia G. - Verified Buyer
Flat and TL expensive

Felt good first week so I ordered another. After a week they were nothing more than flat pillows. Put in dryer on no heat to fluff up they were good for a few days. I would send them back but no longer have the boxes and mailing is inconvenient from where I am staying.

Barbara H. - Verified Buyer

After one week of nightly use the pillow has flattened. Have had enough sleepless nights getting woken up with neck pain and having to readjust the pillow fill. Returning.

Susan W. - Verified Buyer

We returned these, they were too firm and gave us neck pain.

Marie S. - Verified Buyer
Decompresses after a few uses

I love my Parachute linen sheets but this pillow is def not worth the money.

Helinka P. - Verified Buyer
It started out great.

Then, less than a month into using them, the pillows got flat. Definitely not worth the price.

Rebecca C. - Verified Buyer

My new pillow started out amazing thick and fluffy and quickly turned to flat and disappointing.

Karen S. - Verified Buyer
Sad Side Sleeper

I wanted to love this pillow and have it be the answer to my neck problems but unfortunately it was not. It is just too soft. The gusset does nothing because the filling is so soft. Sorry to say I feel like I wasted my money (and I've never spent so much on ONE pillow).

Laura K. - Verified Buyer
Good for 3 Months

We loved these pillows, shape, size and firmness initially but after 3 months they quickly deflated. Now 6 months since we purchased they are almost completely flat and don’t work for side sleeping at all. Maybe good for a guest room?

Overpriced bad product.

This is a very sad excuse for a side sleeper pillow. It needs at least another two inches for gusset. The pillow was flat and uncomfortable. This is WAY over priced for what it is, especially since it’s not fit for a side sleeper. Unfortunately, it’s incredibly inconvenient to return and i won’t the full price I paid for the item because they do not refund shipping. Buy a different product from a different company.