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Down Alternative Side Sleeper Pillow Reviews

391 Reviews

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Best pillows yet!! I have bought dozens! Love them

Robin H. - Verified Buyer
Really different pillow

I'm nearly always a side sleeper and this pillow is a bit of a game changer. The shape is quite different from a normal pillow and I feel like it does help support a side sleeping posture. I definitely think it is helping my neck pain, etc.

Francesca C. - Verified Buyer
Favorite pillow

I bought one to make sure I liked it and my husband and I fight over it every night.

Jill C. - Verified Buyer
Excellent and quality pillow!

Great quality, comfort and support!

Angela C. - Verified Buyer
Great pillow

Very comfortable for side sleepers. Best sleep ever

Alison M. - Verified Buyer
Better than I expected

I'm a side sleeper, and have been half-heartedly trying out new pillows for a while. I now have the Parachute medium fill down and the loftiest down pillows. After breaking them in (took a couple of months) the medium didn't have quite enough loft, or I would have to pack-jam it under my head against my shoulder to get enough. The loftiest is still a bit too lofty and tends to support the top of my head but misses some support at the join of my shoulder/neck. This pillow, the Down Alternative Side Sleeper Pillow, arrived and while I'm not totally confident I haven't gotten through the break-in period yet, this pillow has resulted in me falling asleep and not reaching for a different pillow partway through the night. It's lofty without distorting my neck alignment. I'm hopeful it keeps its loft! As a note, the pillow's dimensions feel a bit smaller than the regular-cut pillows, due in large part to the gusset around the edge. It feels like the pillow swims in the pillow case _just a bit_ but after using it for a bit I'm pretty sure this is intentional to avoid the pillow case compressing the gusset and decreasing the loft of the edges of the pillow.

Jamison V. - Verified Buyer
Best pillow

This pillow is wonderfully cloud-like while providing the perfect amount of support for my neck/head as a side sleeper - thank you Parachute!

Trish P. - Verified Buyer
Great Pillows

My entire family likes these. Have them in the master and have been using for a month. I think I will switch out all my pillows to these.

Louise F. - Verified Buyer
Goldilocks Pillow

This is the third pillow I tried after getting rid of my last one. I was looking for a washable pillow for side sleepers. I have arthritis in my neck. This pillow doesn’t look like it should work, but it does.

Wendy N. - Verified Buyer
Great pillow!!!

Have tried many pillows before finally finding this one… Love it!!!!

Patricia R. - Verified Buyer