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Down Alternative Side Sleeper Pillow Reviews

270 Reviews

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Best sleep I’ve ever had.

Dalton R. - Verified Buyer
Down Alternative Side Sleeper Pillow

The best I’ve found to date!

Barbara M. - Verified Buyer

I’ve purchased so many pillows and none compare to these! They are extreme luxury and completely amazing! I was so impressed with my first two, I just bought two more to add another layer when reading in bed. I highly recommend!

Carol S. - Verified Buyer
My favorite side-sleeper pillow!

I’ll admit, I never really thought of pillows as being specific to different types of sleepers. But recently I’ve had a few sleepless nights, and when I researched it, I learned that some people swear by specific pillows for good sleep. So, as a side-sleeper, I looked into a few options and went with the Parachute one based on reviews and on my past experiences with Parachute (adore my linen duvet and pillow shams). I LOVE this pillow! It’s just firm enough for support, but not so firm that it’s uncomfortable. Truly perfect.

Elizabeth C. - Verified Buyer
Surprisingly comfortable

I shift a lot when I sleep: sometimes back, sometimes side, sometimes stomach. This pillow is sort of forcing me to stay on my side, which is actually helping me sleep longer. I also bought the thinner back sleeper. I use the two interchangeably.

Sarah G. - Verified Buyer
Met My Needs

As a side and back sleeper it was difficult to determine which pillow to purchase. The alternate down side sleeper medium density pillow not only met my need but was a pleasant surprise that it enable very good neck support. I will keep Parachute in mind for future purchases-- excellent delivery.

Kathleen S. - Verified Buyer
Love this pillow!

Had an old “my pillow” which was getting lumpy and hurting my shoulder when I slept on left side. This new side-sleeper pillow solved the problem. Soo smooth and comfy, and shoulder pain gone! Also getting a much more restful sleep. Worth every penny!!!

Janis F. - Verified Buyer
Side Sleeper Pillow

Happy withthe pillow

Janet H. - Verified Buyer
excellent value and quality

This is the best pillow, it does exactly as advertised.

James H. - Verified Buyer
Very Nice!

My wife and I Love the pillows. They are Soft and Supportive. The gusset is nice to help keep support at the edges.

Patrick H. - Verified Buyer