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Down Alternative Pillow Reviews

544 Reviews

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376 (69%)
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Really great pillow

I am guessing that the soft option is a little bit of a niche choice, as it has been hard for me to find a pillow that is both soft but springy. Parachute has knocked it out of the park with the soft pillow and is perfect if that is your need. I am very impressed. I also bought a medium pillow and that is a really great pillow as well.

Karolin R. - Verified Buyer
Truly *Just Right*

More comfortable than my down pillows, gets the amount of fluff/support just right for back and side sleeping. Big difference. Love it.

anne s. - Verified Buyer
It’s a wonderful pillow!

This pillow is as comfortable as promised!

Karen O. - Verified Buyer
Soft and Relaxing

A good pillow truly makes a difference in rest. I want my bedroom to be a haven for all things Parachute.

Lisa M. - Verified Buyer
Most comfortable pillow

So great I bought one for the entire family!

Robecta M. - Verified Buyer
More than love it

The cloud cotton is a dream. I love my comforter so much might have to get a robe🤗

Jennifer M. - Verified Buyer


raana k. - Verified Buyer
Comfy Pillows

Loving our pillows! Medium fill is perfect for my side-sleeper husband and tummy-sleeper me.

Lynne G. - Verified Buyer
Lovely and cozy

Great pillows. A little too soft for me which is just a lesson to me to go with the firmer one next time around.

Maggie B. - Verified Buyer
Already planning to purchase more

I love how similar this feels to very nice hotel pillows. It’s soft and plumps up surprisingly well!

megan t. - Verified Buyer