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Down Alternative Pillow Reviews

544 Reviews

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Not for me

This pillow was extremely well made like other Parachute offerings. However, it was far too soft for my tastes and needs. The firmer option was not available but I doubt it would have made that much of a difference. For those that like down pillows, you might love it.

Michael O. - Verified Buyer
Thin pillows

I ordered the medium firm down alternative pillows. They were thin and flat and not at all what I expected. They seemed to lack filling. I returned them.

Barbara M. - Verified Buyer
Pillow is flat as a sheet after one use

Not sure if there's wrong with the pillow, but there's nothing to it once you lay on it.

David B. - Verified Buyer
Too flat for a side sleeper

This firm pillow is supposed to have enough loft for a side sleeper. It doesn't.

Deborah A. - Verified Buyer
Too flimsy

Medium was far too flimsy for me. I returned the pillow.

Ian F. - Verified Buyer
Not when I thought it

Not when I thought it was gonna be

Dena M. - Verified Buyer
Not great

Not great

Rose S. - Verified Buyer
Don’t do it

I got this pillow 3 months ago and loved it for about two months. Now it’s flat and I wake up in pain every morning! This is not worth the money!!!

Katie S.
Super Disappointed

We got a duvet cover last year and fell in love with it, which made us think everything from Parachute would be top notch. So, we ordered bed pillows, one firm and one medium. The medium pillow has gone completely, almost humorously flat in the matter of two days. The firm is still holding on as of current.

Firm pillows ARE NOT firm.

These are not firm pillows. While they are nice pillows, they are soft at best. I'm curious how anyone thought these should be called firm. Buyer beware.

Peter D.