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Down Alternative Pillow Reviews

605 Reviews

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too soft for me

I thought since I am a stomach sleeper this was a good idea, but I had terrible neck pain and had to return it.

Hope R. - Verified Buyer
Premium price same cheap pillow problems

Been using this pillow a few weeks now and for the price I am unimpressed. I still have the same issues that come with regular down pillows and other down alternatives. The pillow gets clumpy and has to constantly be messaged to get and stay comfortable through the night. I’ll probably go back to the $15 Walmart pillows. The cover might not be as nice but for the price it’s no comparison.

Matt K. - Verified Buyer
Firm is too soft

Wanted to love this but it’s very soft and not as firm as I would have liked.

Nicole P. - Verified Buyer
great backpillow but too stiff for sleeping

comfortable for sitting against while reading but not great for a side sleeper. i alternate between back and side sleeping and it’s too stiff and uncomfortable. will try out a down feather option next, as the alternative pillow form from Parachute unfortunately didn’t work out

Sarah B. - Verified Buyer
Too soft

Tried the medium for a week and way too soft. Wish I went with the firm.

James M. - Verified Buyer

You would probably be bette off buying a pillow somewhere else. I expected more for the price. Not very fluffy.

Lindsey Y. - Verified Buyer
Deeply uncomfortable

We each got 1 down and 1 down alternative. The alternative is not fluffy, it gives me constant migraines

Emmie W. - Verified Buyer
I wanted to like these pillows

Originally I ordered 2 of the medium fill alternative down pillows. They were so thin. We returned and ordered the firm, but they are disappointing as well. Very thing and non supportive. Sad to say I will be returning.

Elizabeth G. - Verified Buyer
Kinda flat

The pillows are very okay, not as filled as I expected for a firm pillow. Your head kind of just sinks in and you can easily feel the lack of fill.

Michelle R. - Verified Buyer
Too flat

The pillow is way too flat. Requires consistent fluffing.

liliya n. - Verified Buyer