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Down Alternative Pillow Reviews

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Finally found my new pillow!

I’ve been looking for years and finally found my new pillow. 😌 I’m a back sleeper with back problems. This pillow supports my neck but does not lift up the back of my head too much. The rest fluffs up around my cheeks and keeps my head from falling to the left or right keeping me in alignment. I choose the medium and am very happy with it. It feels like sleeping on a cloud!

Laura C. - Verified Buyer
pillows and pillowcases

First of all ... I LOVE these pillows and will be ordering more! Second I LOVE the pillowcases! The only bad thing is that my dog loved the pillowcases, too and chewed a hole in one :(. There are two pillows on the bed .... wish I could order just one to replace the eaten one!

Andrea K. - Verified Buyer

Just awesome!

Lauren M. - Verified Buyer
Love this pillow... got one

Love this pillow... got one for my husband as he keeps stealing mine.

Laurette P. - Verified Buyer
Easy transition

Bought two of these for husband and son. They were leary to give up their old pillows, but both tried them out and haven’t looked back. 👍🏻

Cynthia B. - Verified Buyer
Excellent. Really enjoying the pillow.

Excellent. Really enjoying the pillow.

Kathleen S. - Verified Buyer
Like a Cloud!

I love a soft down pillow. Recently i decided to finally retire two very old down pillows. I decided to try these down alternative pillows because I was able to choose SOFT ones. Well I've been sleeping on them for a month now and they are absolutely perfect. Dreamy! They truly feel and move like real down, I can sink my head into them in total silent bliss without it cranking my head up like most non-down pillows. They puff back up so quickly and easily too. I love these pillows, and I love both the savings and the ethical/humane peace of mind by switching to down-alternative.

Lisa S. - Verified Buyer
So comfortable

This pillow has relieved my neck and shoulder pain, giving me a comfortable night's sleep.

Brooke S. - Verified Buyer
Super Cozy

I love my new pillows. They are soft and warm. They were recommended to me by an interior decorator and I’m so glad I purchased them.

Clary R. - Verified Buyer
Beautiful pillow

High end very nice pillow. I had to return it. Sad. I wanted to keep it though. Well made & felt and looked expensive. have sleeping issues so pillows are are a tough one for.

Kristen H. - Verified Buyer