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Down Alternative Pillow Reviews

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I’ve been in the hunt for a new pillow for years. I have finally found it! I sleep mostly on my back and side, and it is super easy to shift the filling around and fluff it back up as I sleep. I enjoy that there are NOT feathers waking me up as I sleep! We just bought another one for my husband!

Stacy N. - Verified Buyer
Laying on a cloud

So soft its like laying on a cloud

Kellie R. - Verified Buyer
Back for more!

Gave my daughter and son in law two of these last Christmas, and they loved so much they asked for two more this year. They keep their loft well, and are not hot.

Deborah L. - Verified Buyer

soft and cushy :)

Emily T. - Verified Buyer
I love the Parachute Pillow. It is soft, flexible to my head and very comfortable.

I love the parachute pillow. Initially I slept on the Parachute Pillow at a cottage in Portola, Ca. I immediately ordered the pillow and have no regrets. My sleep is better and more intense with comfort.

Lovette B. - Verified Buyer
The best pillow

I love Parachute Pillows! The down alternative is too good. Sooo soft, you will never want to lesve your bed again.

Esther C. - Verified Buyer
Really great pillow

I am guessing that the soft option is a little bit of a niche choice, as it has been hard for me to find a pillow that is both soft but springy. Parachute has knocked it out of the park with the soft pillow and is perfect if that is your need. I am very impressed. I also bought a medium pillow and that is a really great pillow as well.

Karolin R. - Verified Buyer
Truly *Just Right*

More comfortable than my down pillows, gets the amount of fluff/support just right for back and side sleeping. Big difference. Love it.

anne s. - Verified Buyer
It’s a wonderful pillow!

This pillow is as comfortable as promised!

Karen O. - Verified Buyer
Soft and Relaxing

A good pillow truly makes a difference in rest. I want my bedroom to be a haven for all things Parachute.

Lisa M. - Verified Buyer