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Down Alternative Pillow Reviews

539 Reviews

5 stars
374 (69%)
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41 (8%)
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49 (9%)
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Nice pillows

Pillows are great

Kim W. - Verified Buyer
I found my perfect pillow

I have been searching for the pillow that gave me that “luxury hotel pillow” feel. This is the one. I was hesitant due to price, but this in combination with my parachute mattress topper makes bed my favorite place to be these days.

sarah g. - Verified Buyer
An excellent, quality pillow

I’ve been looking for a pillow that is the right combination of soft and firm for years. This is it. My head and neck feel supported, but also flexible with this down alternative standard, medium support pillow. I will buy it again and for each bed in the house.

Laura G. - Verified Buyer
Best pillow

The Parachute down alternative is the best pillow I have had in a long time. I’m really picky about pillow comfort as a side sleeper. I’ve ordered so many of the “best” online pillows only to be wildly disappointed. Parachute said order the thinnest version as a side sleeper and it is perfect and awesome!

Sharon K. - Verified Buyer
Perfect pillow

I have been looking for a pillow that is neither too hard nor too flat. And I found it in Parachute’s Down alternative Pillow. It IS perfect!

kathleen j. - Verified Buyer
Great inserts

Got a medium for me and soft for my partner. Partner likes to punch and scrunch his pillow throughout the night and it still holds its shape after some fluffing in the morning. Medium is perfect for me as I'm a back sleeper.

Young S. - Verified Buyer
Picky Husband Loves It

My husband is like the Princess and the Pea when it comes to pillows. After researching pages and pages of pillows on Google I decided to order the Parachute Alternative Down pillow for him. Three weeks in and he still loves this pillow. It is perfectly comfortable for him as a back sleeper.

Ellen M. - Verified Buyer
Comfortable Pillow

I've been looking for a fluffy and supportive pillow and Parachute delivered! I'm a combination sleeper. I sleep on my back, side and stomach and the medium pillow supports me in all sleep positions. Definitely worth a try if you're a combo sleeper.

Shamika L. - Verified Buyer
Love all things Parachute

pillows are heavenly. have two soft, two medium and better sleep as a result.

Marilyn M. - Verified Buyer
Exactly as described!

I love this pillow for the luxurious nature of it. I need to use a special pillow for a teeth clenching problem I have and unfortunately this pillow did not fit the script it wasn’t supportive enough for my jaw as there is no structure to it. With that being said I love to hug this pillow and use it to sit back into. It’s the cloud everyone wants for relaxation

Kaitlyn J. - Verified Buyer