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Down Alternative Pillow Reviews

605 Reviews

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fantastic pillows

I love my down alternative pillows. I got them when I had visitors from out of state and I couldn't wait to move them onto my bed. They're wonderful.

Susan M. - Verified Buyer
First experience was at a

First experience was at a ski resort out west. Bought two as soon as I got back.

Harry H. - Verified Buyer
The best sleep

In my husbands words “ you’ve spent how much money on pillows over the years and we finally have a winner. Fantastic “ This pillow is the best pillow. No more neck pain or head soreness. I would highly recommend anyone with pillow issues to try this pillow. I’m so happy. A hotel I stayed at used them and I slept great so I asked them what brand. They said Parachute. The rest is history 🙏🏻

Nora S. - Verified Buyer
Excellent firmness.

Excellent firmness.

Marie W. - Verified Buyer
Down Alternate

Pillows are great But after a month we noticed a hole at the seam of the pillow protector.

Scott - Verified Buyer
Goldilox of pillows

Perfect consistency and no feathers that pop out and stick my face!

Maureen G. - Verified Buyer
Great purchase

My daughter suggested I purchase this pillow. I’ve been through so many different types of pillows. Just had not found the right one. This pillow has allowed me to sleep through the night. So happy for the purchase.

Debbie G. - Verified Buyer
Great Pillow

These pillows are so comfortable, my husband and I love sleeping on them! We did unfortunately have a spill and didn't have pillow covers, but customer service went above and beyond and sent is new pillows. We continue to love this brand and will use Parachute for all of our future bedding needs.

Emily M. - Verified Buyer
Great pillow!

This is a great pillow! Very comfortable. I would recommend testing it in the store first

Alison M. - Verified Buyer
An actual dream

I slept on these pillows in a hotel and called after to ask where they were from. Bought them that week. 10/10.

stef m. - Verified Buyer