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Down Alternative Pillow Reviews

445 Reviews

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302 (68%)
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Love it!

This side sleeper pillow is more comfortable than I expected. I slept on one of your pillows while I was visiting my daughter. I ordered two for my bed before I even left!

Karen B. - Verified Buyer
Best pillow I have ever

Best pillow I have ever owned!

Chelsea M. - Verified Buyer
Best pillow ever

Have been sleeping so much better since I bought this.

Tina T. - Verified Buyer

Been on the hunt for a pillow for a long time. This supports my neck perfectly. Back and side sleeper

Elise S. - Verified Buyer

The medium was too thick, but the low are perfect for me—I sleep on my side, back, and stomach!

Cm B. - Verified Buyer
Side sleeper pillow

Sleeping SO much better with this pillow!  Seriously.

Marge D. - Verified Buyer
Super comfy!

Nothing bad to say here! These are really great 😊

Kelly T. - Verified Buyer
Very comfortable!

Very comfortable!

Jiwon K. - Verified Buyer
Soft and Medium

My daughter loves the soft and I love the medium. These are great pillows.

Daniel - Verified Buyer
Best Down Alternative Pillow

We have bought many pillows over the years. Bamboo, cotton/poly filled, memory foam. Each time I would wake up sneezing and or have a headache and neck pain. Tried this Down Alternative pillow from Parachute and I'm in heaven! I ordered the firm because I'm a side sleeper. Been sleeping well since. I recommend this pillow to anyone who wants a Down pillow but without the price tag or allergy.

Yvette S. - Verified Buyer