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Down Alternative Mattress Pad Reviews

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Nice quality, but too thin and not worth the price

Vivian B. - Verified Buyer
Down Alternative Mattress Pad

I was undecided between a "topper" and a mattress pad as I was looking for a bit of cushion to a firm mattress in hopes of easing some should discomfort. I chose the mattress pad because I didn't want it to move about and wasn't sure a topper would stay in position. I had hoped the mattress pad would have been thicker, a cross between topper and pad, however it is most definitely just a pad and for that purpose I find it to be very expensive. It does appear to be well made which I hope holds true. I missed my return window, which I will say I apprecated the 30 day trial, I just wasn't sure what to expect of the product.

Jeannine H. - Verified Buyer
Ok, but not great

For this price, I was expecting higher quality materials. The depth of the pad is nice, but it crinkles like paper when you move around - not as soft or plush as I expected. I also found I got hot at night with this, where I don't with my old mattress pad. My partner didn't find it comfortable to sleep on, where I found it fairly comfortable. It fit over our 16" mattress well, but if you have a less deep mattress, I suspect this would be too loose. It still had fabric to give on ours. We returned it.

Lily J. - Verified Buyer
Just ok

We bought this for a particularly firm guest mattress we have ... it helps make it softer, and we’re keeping it, but I’m not sure it’s worth the price.

Roger G. - Verified Buyer
I think the mattress pad

I think the mattress pad is very stiff and as a result the pad doesn’t give the softness I’ve gotten from other mattress pads.

Beverly S. - Verified Buyer
Pretty good

Not sure it's worth the high price though

David G. - Verified Buyer
Sooo hot

I loved the plush feel of this mattress pad but in the middle of the night I was dying and sweaty. I had to send it back.

Michelle G. - Verified Buyer
Item returned

Returned item because it was not as thick as I originally thought it to be.

Catherine L. - Verified Buyer
Surprisingly noisy and crinkly

It seemed like it was a well constructed mattress pad but I found it surprisingly noisy and crinkly, as if it had a layer of plastic or was filled with down. Maybe there is some kind of plastic coating to make it a little water resistant? It's hard to say because there is not much of a description or how it is constructed. It may have provided protection for my mattress but it didn't really add much to the comfort. Luckily Parachute has a great return policy.

Ron Z. - Verified Buyer
It’s OK

I have it paired with the mattress topper & percale sheets, but it really doesn’t give me the cloud quality I was looking for. To be honest, it’s a little sloppy & lumpy. I’m constantly fluffing it to reduce the waffle pattern. There’s a lot of excess fabric that sticks out from under my fitted sheet.