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Down Alternative Mattress Pad Reviews

74 Reviews

5 stars
54 (73%)
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6 (8%)
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6 (8%)
2 stars
4 (5%)
1 star
4 (5%)
Loving my first experience with Parachute

So comfortable, feels like I'm sleeping on a cloud! Loving the color of my duvet cover in the ash grey ... the whole experience from purchase to sleep was a dream.

Kate H. - Verified Buyer
Added a much needed layer

Added a much needed layer of cushion!

Nancy C. - Verified Buyer
I'm sleeping again

I've been needing a new mattress pad, and this went beyond all my expectations. It's soft, cool and comfy. I'm sleeping again!

Wish I had bought this sooner

Wish I hadn't waited so long to buy this down alternative mattress pad. Our old one slipped around a lot because t was not a snug fit which was quite annoying beneath the fitted sheet. The old one was a thin material, nothing like this down alternative one. The down alternative mattress pad is a snug fit for our queen size mattress. It is thick but not too thick, firm but not too firm. It makes the mattress feel like a new bed. I am already getting better sleep.

Linda K.
Its fine

Its a mattress pad. It does it's job. I don't think I'll purchase another for our other beds, however. I feel I can get the same quality at a more affordable price elsewhere.

Jennifer B. - Verified Buyer
We like it!

We recently got a tempurpedic mattress that was a little too firm and needed some extra padding on top. This made a great difference. It’s not thick but it does provide a nice and noticeable layer, and I like that it is easy to wash as opposed to the topper, which we also considered. I’m giving it 4/5 stars because it is pricey compared to others in the market and I’m not sure that the difference in price is warranted. However it is a good quality product and we are satisfied with the product so we are not going to explore other options.

Katie N. - Verified Buyer
Made My Bed Better

This helped me get a better nights sleep. My bed is more comfortable. If it were a bit thicker it would be better than it is, but I am happy with the purchase.

Gary G. - Verified Buyer
Soft and lofty

I am using this pad to protect the mattress I recently purchased from Parachute. The pad is surprising soft and lofty and makes sleeping on this mattress oh so lush. The only reason I didn’t rate the pad as five stars is because it fits somewhat loosely on a 13 inch mattress. Still, I’d buy this pad again because it makes sleeping on a great mattress even better.

Cassandra W. - Verified Buyer
Super Comfy

I put this on a brand new mattress, so though it is a little hard to tell if it's making a difference, it is still incredibly comfortable and I think only makes the mattress that much better.

David R. - Verified Buyer
good mattress pad

I really wanted to love this, but I am going to have to return it. It is not because it is not a good mattress pad,- i think if you have a good mattress, this will make it feel great and it's worth it. However, my mattress is pretty old and i need a bit more comfort than this mattress pad can offer. I am going to return and try the featherbed as i think it might be my solution. It is a bit thin on the down alternative front, so if you are looking for something super fluffy, I would pass on this. But again, if you have a good mattress and you are just looking for a little bit extra comfort, i think this is probably a good choice.