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Down Alternative Euro Pillow Reviews

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Nice pillows, but they flatten quickly

I have only had these pillows for about a month and one of them has already flattened significantly compared to the other one. The one that retained it’s shape is great, hoping it doesn’t flatten also...

Veronika K. - Verified Buyer
Just ok

I hoped that these would be more fluffy, they tend to sag a bit on my bed unfortunately. I'm planning on eventually replacing with the down ones in hopes that they retrain their shape more.

Caroline N. - Verified Buyer
Inconsistent, well made, no protective bag

I exclusively buy Parachute bedding because I believe their product quality and customer service is the best. I'll continue to do so but unfortunately, the pillows I have been ordering lately (euro and standard) do not have consistent fill power and no longer come with the plastic zipper bags with the handles. I ordered one of these pillows and it did not come with the protective bag so I reached out to customer service and they kindly and promptly sent me a replacement. Unfortunately, the new one did not come with the protective bag either. In the past, all of my Parachute products came with this bag. I would love to see these bags again as they not only protect products during shipment but are great for storage and moving. The pillow itself is great. If you're looking for something more firm and shape-holding, go for the down version. This alternative version is a lot less firm and softer.

Alison R. - Verified Buyer
Fine but not worth hype or $

Nothing special

Sophia S. - Verified Buyer
Not as supportive as I'd like

I bought these to use these to prop me up when reading in bed, but they do not have enough support. I have to use another pillow at the same time. I'd recommend getting these only if your intent is to use them for decorative pillows.

Margaret W. - Verified Buyer
The filling gets everywhere!

I don’t think these are sturdy enough. They barely fill the pillow case. The synthetic fillings gets everywhere. I washed them hoping to get rid of what was shedding and one pillow tore open in the washing machine...there is down -alternative filling everywhere!

Jefferson B. - Verified Buyer
Too soft

I was hoping for something a bit more firm. I was looking these larger pillows for my bed to perch myself up to read - these are way too soft for that and just flatten down. If it wasn't a huge box and a hassle, I'd return. Great website and purchasing experience though!

Elizabeth S. - Verified Buyer
Way too thin

Purchased this for the Quilted Euro Sham. Unfortunately it’s way thinner than it should be. It’s not even fluffy enough to lay my head on - I have to ball it up to give it volume. It falls out of the pillowcase too.

Marnie C.
Need 28x28

You sell 26x26 euro shams; therefor, I need 28x28 pillows for them to be full and have the look I need. Bummed I will have to go elsewhere to buy the pillows even though I'm buying the shams from you guys.

Not enough fill

These pillows are unfortunately extremely flat and hardly have enough fill to hold up their sham. I’m really disappointed

Tiffany B. - Verified Buyer