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Down Alternative Duvet Insert

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Transform your bed into a cloud of comfort. This duvet insert is stuffed with hypoallergenic microfiber fill that mimics the fluffiness and insulating ability of luxury down. Soft sateen is sewn around the fill in a baffle box construction, keeping it evenly distributed. We finish it off with sturdy, double stitched seams to maintain its shape and durability for years to come.


Lightweight: A lighter option to keep hot sleepers and anyone living in warmer climates cozy and comfortable. We’ve thoughtfully designed our down and down alternative fill options to be comparable to one another in terms of warmth. 

All-Season: If you like a warmer layer with an extra fluffy look – this option is the ideal weight and fill (in down and down alternative) to keep you at your optimum level of cozy all year long.

Fill Power

What it is: A measurement of how fluffy the down is – higher fill power means a warmer and lighter comforter. 

Why it’s important: Fluffier down has higher insulating power (it traps more air), requiring less down to fill the same space than a lower fill power, which needs to be heavier to get the same amount of warmth. 

Down Alternative: This construction can’t be measured in the same way, but it’s able to mimic the warmth, density and breathability of down for anyone who may have allergies and other sensitivities.


We recommend that you machine wash (delicate setting preferred) in cold water, using mild detergent. Tumble dry on the lowest heat setting or have it professionally dry cleaned. Wool Dryer Balls do a great job of redistributing the fill to keep it feeling fluffy and new. Avoid any excess heat during the washing and drying phases to reduce any damage to the fill or outer shell.


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Read 594 Reviews
  • Best I've ever owned!

    The duvet insert is light but cozy and good for all seasons. I love the ties to keep it attched duvet cover so it doesn't move around. ... 

    Katie S. - Verified Buyer
  • Great


    Lizzie K. - Verified Buyer
  • new convert in family

    We have the lighter down alternate duvet and cover. Wonderful! My husband says best sleep he has ever had!

    Rosemary G. - Verified Buyer
  • Super comfortable

    Super comfortable

    Lyn L. - Verified Buyer
  • Cozy


    Ronin - Verified Buyer
  • Amazing Duvet Insert

    I finally broke down and bought this insert. The price was more than I was comfortable with but it is wonderful. Great warmth and ... 

    Melissa B. - Verified Buyer
  • It’s awesome!

    It’s awesome!

    Jennifer S. - Verified Buyer
  • High-quality product

    I’m happy with this purchase, just the right amount of fill to be comfortable. The cover, also purchased in the same store is nice. ... 

    David F. - Verified Buyer
  • PERFECT for summer!!!

    This is lightweight but just the right amount of warmth! It has a very similar feel to down but without the feathers coming through!

    Melissa K. - Verified Buyer
  • Love it

    Love it

    Rajon T. - Verified Buyer

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