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Down Alternative Duvet Insert Reviews

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Cozy, but still too warm!

I chose the lightweight down alternative duvet, 1) because my husband doesn't like pokey feathers, and 2) we live at the beach and this duvet is more all-weather. Unfortunately, we've already had to take it off the bed because it is too warm!

Ariana W. - Verified Buyer
down alternativ duvet insert

I loved the duvet in the beginning when it was still fluffy and kept me warm. But after a year the filling clumped. Now I have lumps in each section and patches without any filling left. I kept it for 3 years but have to use another blanket on top of it that actually keeps me warm. The duvet cover is good quality and still looks like new.

Not Worth The Money

Prior to buying this insert I reached out to customer service to ask if the insert was made exactly to fit the properly sized duvet (which we have from Parachute). We’ve had inserts elsewhere in the past that were too small and would bunch. They told me “yes, absolutely!” So I took their word and ordered it. It does not fit. Way too small, probably at least two inches on either side, bunches up and has gone flat in the course of a few weeks. We got the all season one thinking it’d accommodate both my hot sleeping and my partners moderate, and it’s SO hot underneath it. I would not recommend. If you do, your mind will be made up quickly to exchange for a refund. I’m so disappointed.

Just OK

This insert was great for the first couple months but has dramatically flattened over time. I have the all-season one and I live in Texas. I don’t find it that warm, I can’t imagine the lightweight one could be very warm at all. In the winters i double up with a quilt. I’ve tried washing and fluffing it up in the dryer but it doesn’t do much. It gets VERY clumpy and the filling becomes unequally distributed throughout. I’m pretty disappointed, for $270 I expected a lot more.

Too Warm

I bought this last summer thinking it would be a perfect lightweight duvet for all year. I am by no means a hot sleeper but my husband is. We tried it during the summer and it was too warm, but we figured it would be good for winter. We finally pulled it out again and it is still way too warm, I wake up sweating. We keep our place cool and still we cannot use this. I am disappointed that I spent what is a good amount of money for us on something that just did not work out. It's nice and fluffy though.

Christine S.
Bunches up - not worth $

My husband and I purchased this duvet over a year ago. I love Parachute’s linen sheets and we wanted a duvet that better fit the linen duvet cover. We got the lightweight version, and we really wanted to like it. But by month 6 or so using it the fill was completely bunched up to the point where large areas just have no filling at all. It’s only gotten worse since then. We’ve washed it and dried with wool dryer balls (and then tennis balls) to attempt to redistribute the fill but it really doesn’t help. All-in-all we are very disappointed, especially considering the cost, and now that winter is coming again we plan to bring our old duvet back out of storage (so glad we saved it!) and use that again despite it not having the same coverage/size.

Too Warm

The duvet was great at first, but it gets way too hot.

Arielle N.
Poor Quality Duvet Insert

Looked good coming out of package but DID NOT HOLD ITS SHAPE AND DID NOT FILL MY KING SIZE DUVET. My Duvet cover now looks like I slept on it. Very unhappy with purchase.

Gary L. - Verified Buyer

Too hot. Would exchange or get refund if possible. My husband won’t use it.

Carmel G. - Verified Buyer
Do not buy

This item has gotten worse and worse with wear. The fill is clumpy and now there are entire sections of the comforter that are just two pieces of sheet like fabric rendering this item useless when trying to stay warm. Expensive purchase with a less than satisfactory return policy for a defective item.

Taylor W. - Verified Buyer