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Oversized Cloud Linen Gauze Throw Reviews

70 Reviews

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Looks gorgeous, a little itchy

The orange color is beautiful and looks great on our bed. The blanket is pretty comfortable, but slightly itchy/rough. I’m hoping it gets softer with more washes.

Carrie J. - Verified Buyer
Nice throw

Looks great, nice weight, but very susceptible to holes/rips from cat claws. I wish it came in a bigger size for the cal-king bed.

Cara S. - Verified Buyer
Light and Cozy

Lovely throw. The size is perfect for a quick wrap on cool nights. Taking off one star because it snags easily.

Lori H. - Verified Buyer
Beautiful but snags

This quilt is comfortable and the color is beautiful (natural) however, I'm not sure how long it will last. There are snags and many pulled threads over the blanket and I've only washed twice.

Jessica S.
Not Soft

I was hoping this was an adult version of the muslin blankets that are sold for babies - super soft and cozy. I've washed this twice and it's still kind of itchy and not as breathable as I expected. In any case, I will keep it and hope it gets better with many more washes.

Ramona G. - Verified Buyer
Blanket feedback

Love the blanket! Super soft - great for the summer. One big issue however is the non stop fuzz. I’ve washed like 10 times and it still won’t stop producing insane amounts of fuzzy. If you don’t plan on washing your sheets every day, you will have a lot of fuzz. I know this seems to be a lot of buzz about fuzz, but it iz. Any suggestion for how to de-fuzz would be greatly appreciated

Jason T. - Verified Buyer
Shredded in the wash

I love this blanket and have had it for maybe a year, and after the most recent wash I noticed a couple patches where the top layer of fabric was damaged (had come separated from the main blanket and hanging on like a “flap”). Upon inspection the same thing was found on both sides, in random spots all over the blanket. I’m so sad as this blanket was a favorite but also quite expensive to fall apart like this.

Gauze blanket

Liked initially but upon one wash it started to expose loose threads.

Kim N. - Verified Buyer
Extreme disappointment

This blanket arrived soft and warm, matching every expectation I had but that only lasted till I had to wash it. Wished the description mentioned how high maintenance this blanket is - it sheds like crazy after wash! Im on my fourth wash and it’s still shedding and the fibre is everywhere - washing machine, floor, etc. Complete nightmare. Get this only if you are willing do deal w the shedding and cleaning up.

Merlion L. - Verified Buyer
Disappointed After 6 Months

This throw has begun to completely fall apart after only 6 months. I was drawn to it because of the great reviews, but I have been incredibly dissatisfied with the quality. It stays draped over a couch in our living room, and gets used maybe a few times per week. It has been washed following the directions on the tag, and never abused. It is now completely falling apart and on the verge of being thrown away after a very short ownership. I hate to leave a bad review considering the great reviews left by others, but I am disappointed that a throw at this price point wouldn’t last any longer than it has for us.

Patrick S.