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Cloud Linen Gauze Bed Blanket Reviews

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Love, but not worth the price

I love this throw so much but it came with a small hole in it. I thought I could over look it but it just got bigger with wear and tear. Bummer but everything else is amazing

Perfect summer blanket, but doesn't hold up well to pet claws

I'm the type of person who can't sleep without a blanket, even in the hot summer heat of Texas. I'm also a hot sleeper - in the past I have been referred to as a furnace by my husband. This summer has been particularly hot and I wanted to find a blanket that would be more breathable yet something I could still snuggle into. The texture is soft and the Dusk color is beautiful. So far this blanket has worked perfectly for me in that regard. However, I have a bunch of dogs that sleep in bed with me and also love to "dig" me out of the covers in the morning. I have discovered through this morning ritual that this blanket snags rather easily. Other blankets I've had in the past have been fine, but because the weave of this blanket is not very dense it makes it so easy for dog claws to get caught around the threads and pull them out. Overall this is a great lightweight blanket, but I would advise you to reconsider purchasing it if you have pets.

Gauze fabric - lovely but snags

I loooved this blanket, it’s soft, has a nice texture and is a great weight. I unfortunately had to return because I have dogs and their nails would snag in the holes of the gauze. Definitely worth it if it’s in a place without animals!

Sophia D. - Verified Buyer
Love the look, but not as durable

I sleep with two dogs. We have lots of linen box quilts and they are tough and beautiful. Cloud lumen gauze blanket gets snagged easily

Rachel S. - Verified Buyer
Not the best quality

Even following washing instructions, my dryer ends up with a stuffed lint basket every time. Loses a ton of material with every wash and eventually it will weaken to point where holes/rips develop all over. Had it for 2 months

Ivan C. - Verified Buyer
Warmer than expected & rips easily if you have a pet on the bed

So sad! I loved the idea of a lightweight gauze blanket for Florida living, but its too warm. In addition, my dog jumped on the bed once and I now have big claw holes in the blanket, despite having a small dog. For the price, I would have expected better.

Theresa M. - Verified Buyer
Way too big for a

Way too big for a queen bed. Stretches out of shape. Fabric already showing pulled threads after 2 washes.

Ann D. - Verified Buyer
Lint Mess All Over Bedroom

Upon first trying this item I thought it was very light and comfortable. Upon using it, I woke up the next morning and was greeted by lint and pieces of the blanket all over my bedroom floor, and sheets. I had to vacuum and wash all my sheets to get rid of the lint, and a huge amount filled my lint trap. I figured after three washes, this issue would be resolved. It wasn’t. Issue was just as bad before. I don’t know how others haven’t experienced this but I asked for a refund immediately and would not recommend this product at all, especially at this price. I instead went to a Swedish store and purchased a cheap $30 blanket that won’t shed like a sheep.