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Classic Turkish Cotton Towels Reviews

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Returned it all

Multiple of the towels I ordered had threads unraveling in the middle of the towel, leaving a dimple in the fabric. I asked for replacement, the response was that I should cut the threads and that was normal. So I returned them all. Wouldn’t recommend purchase of expensive towels that apparently this company expects to unravel. I had high hopes...

Karlyn S. - Verified Buyer

The fist time we washed the towels they came out with stains?? All we did was wash with tide.

Chris B. - Verified Buyer
Towels do not absorb

I did not like the quality of the towels. They didn’t absorb the water and made me feel cold after a shower.

Donna P. - Verified Buyer

The towels are not nearly as absorbent as I thought they’d be, and force me to use two during my routine.

Shams A. - Verified Buyer
Color changed after one use

Not sure what happened with my towel in Shore but it turned a weird yellow? They said it might have been something I used, but I’m not changing my routine because of a defective towel...

Jenny H. - Verified Buyer
It’s not as plush as I had hoped

I’ve used it 2x but it’s jot as plush as I had hoped. I’m going to try washing it and but I might return for something that isn’t as thin.

Alexis k. - Verified Buyer
Such poor quality

I was so surprised to see that after ONE wash, the bath Mat is literally destroyed and the loops on the towels look as though I’ve had them for years. It’s very disappointing and I’ve had to throw the bath mat away.

Sandra C. - Verified Buyer

I was so excited to finally try out a Parachute product. I washed these according to instructions and was super happy with how soft and fluffy they were when they came out of the dryer. Unfortunately, after one use - it became apparent that these towels are not at all colorfast. I use a super gentle facial cleanser, but it must have some sort of acid in the formula because the towel was covered in orange splotches when it dried. So disappointed. Thankfully Parachute's return policy allowed for a full refund.

Jessica R. - Verified Buyer
Bleached by my facewash on the first day.

The facewash I use on a daily bases has bleached these towels. They are very slow to dry and often still wet 24 hours after using them. A cold wet towel after a shower is possible the worst way to start your morning.

Caitlin P. - Verified Buyer
All stained! Complete waste...

Every single towel I purchased from Parachute has bleach stains. I had to return the entire set. Customer Service was nice and accommodating, however, a huge inconvenience from such a luxurious purchase. My old towels from Target never stained... Now I have to start all over looking f or quality towels.

Michael p. - Verified Buyer