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Classic Turkish Cotton Towels Reviews

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Not Super Absorbent

These towels are the softest towels I have ever experienced. If you are looking for a soft towel, these are the towels for you. If you are looking for an absorbent towel, then keep looking.

Amanda Y. - Verified Buyer
Style didn’t match

My order consisted of 2 orders of 3 sets of white towels. They were ordered at the same time, but they sent me two sets that were different. The decorative band is totally different for each set. This is so disappointing given I spent a lot of money on them. The quality is beautiful though! Even after several washes they are still soft and fluffy.

Denise M. - Verified Buyer

I was really excited to finally splurge on some nice towels, but when they arrived there were already threads hanging off. I made sure to follow the care instructions, but after the very first wash they were already unraveling. Now, after only 4 washes on the delicate cycle, I have an entire side edge coming off. Next time I’ll stick with Target towels.

Alexa M. - Verified Buyer
Classice Towels

They are very soft, but shed everywhere.

Justice S. - Verified Buyer
Nice but too big and overall somewhat uncomfortable

+ Thick + Absorbent - Very large and a bit hard to move around to dry the body - Too heavy. First ever towel for me where too much weight makes it a bit uncomfortable.

Roman K. - Verified Buyer

Had a similar problem with a robe purchased here. Towels were soft but had numerous flaws in the weave of the terry cloth that should not have been there for the price

Sam D. - Verified Buyer
Not great

Very soft but one of the ones I ordered frayed after one washing. Returned them without any hassles. I would have loved to have kept them but did not feel good about their durability.

Richard H. - Verified Buyer
Beautiful towels but...

These are plush, high quality and amazing however within days became discolored due to dermo prescribed moisturizer that causes parts of the towels to become blotchy. We have had other towels from Ralph Lauren and Restoration Hardware that withstood the products and I am quite disappointed.

Kristin F. - Verified Buyer
Soft towels, but they also shed and fray

I've had the towels for several weeks now (I waited to write this review to specifically be able to write about how they hold up), and overall I like how soft and absorbent the towel is, however after a few weeks of use and a couple of washings, I noticed the edges of the towel are starting to fray (threads starting to come apart) and some linting. I bought the set (with 2 bath towels) so I had used one and "saved" the other and compared them after several weeks. You can cleared determine which one was the used one just by examining the edges of the used towel and seeing all the broken threads. It's not enough for me to return them (probably too late by this point) but it's enough for me to continue to keep an eye on it. I was hoping for a more durable towel tho. So 3 out of 5. Soft and absorbent but quality is questionable.

Sunny L. - Verified Buyer
Feel of the Tiwels

The towels feel shiny, and even damp on the body, even when they are completely dry.

Mary L. - Verified Buyer