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Classic Linen Fitted Sheet Reviews

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Like sleeping on a cloud

Absolutely love these sheets. They are the best I've ever slept on. I'm a hot sleeper, and these really seem to help keep me cooler so far.

Rachel W. - Verified Buyer
perfect weight

My husband has some sensory issues.. he wasn't sure about the sheet at first... 3 washes in and he LOVES it.. complained when I took it off to wash... I bought another during your recent sale.. so we don't need to go without.

Kc M. - Verified Buyer
Pretty good

I have several linen sheets from different makers, and in different washes… these are good quality and fit really well. The blush colour could have been slightly more pigmented.

Nicolas M. - Verified Buyer
Prefer Classic fabric

I ordered some Classic items from the Last Chance section along with some current items. I much prefer the fabric feel of the Classic to the current linen. Current fabric is thinner with a more open weave. Doesn’t feel like it will be as durable.

Amanda P.
Inferior Linen

Love the unboxing and color of the linen sheet set. Unfortunately, the love stops there. Even after six times through the washer and dryer, the sheet and cases remain rough and scratchy. Guessing the so called “linen” fabric was made from hemp plant fibers, rather than the finer fibers of the flax plant that is traditionally used for linen bedding. Regardless, I haven’t been able to sleep comfortably on the sheets since I purchased them.

Éirinn B. - Verified Buyer
Blush is not a brown tone, these sheets are.

Thought I was ordering a pink toned sheet set for my daughter for Christmas. The color is no where near pink. Brown toned. Not what she wants. These are still in the packaging but I have a set in white for myself and think the quality is great.

Stephenie R. - Verified Buyer

6 washes and still very rough.

Sarah S. - Verified Buyer
A Miss...

I've been super happy with everything I've ordered from Parachute (blankets, towels, etc.) until the classic linen sheets. These are scratchy and not at all pleasant - we will not be putting these sheets into the rotation.

Sarah O. - Verified Buyer


Gifty J. - Verified Buyer
Classic linen sheet

Feels like woven loofas. Exfoliate while you sleep.