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Down Alternative Body Pillow Insert Reviews

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This pillow is the closest thing I have found to an actual down body pillow. I have been searching for the perfect body pillow for YEARS and I think I finally found it.


This pillow is all you could ever ask for and more! It adds so much body to your bed and has so much support and is so sturdy/comfortable. I get SO many compliments!

Caroline L.

I didn’t except the body pillow to be so plush! It’s the perfect accent pillow that’s also practical to rest on in your bed. I highly recommend pairing it with the Vintage Linen cover — buttery soft!

insanely cozy

I bought this & the linen cover after getting a cheaper one elsewhere. Night & day. This pillow is so cozy & heavy, and fills out the sham so well.

Very good quality and the

Very good quality and the right firmness

Marina L. - Verified Buyer
Comfy and Fluffy

I've never had a body pillow before so I can't compare this to pillow inserts from other brands. But, I'm happy enough with it that I would consider buying from Parachute the next time I replace my bed pillows. It's full and comfy, but still firm enough to hold its shape. I bought the insert to go inside the Vintage Linen Body Pillow Cover. Either the insert it a little too short or the cover is too long, because there's extra fabric on either end.

Megan R. - Verified Buyer
Great but BIG

I wish there were a version of this pillow that was ⅔ the size. It's ultra plush and the linen coverlet I got for it feels great, but it is the size of a small human person. In my queen bed it is like sleeping with an entire other human, which maybe is the point. But I'd have loved a bit smaller/more manageable pillow more.

Allen J. - Verified Buyer

Its super comfy. I wish the pillow case came in a true white. I also was putting on the pillow case and trying to zip it up but the material is not that strong and it ripped an end of my pillow case but its not the end of the world. Just wish the pillow case was more durable and came in a true white!

Jake K. - Verified Buyer
This pillow is HUGE!

I didn't fully appreciate what other reviewers meant when they described this pillow as big--they don't just mean that it's long & wide, but it's so FULL. The stuffing is so plush that it could take the place of an actual pillow. I use a body pillow horizontally at the head of my bed to support my regular pillows. This body pillow was simply too plush for that function, so I returned. It's a great product but didn't fill my specific needs for a body pillow.

Sofie M. - Verified Buyer

Love how big the pillow is. Takes up the length of my queen bed! Bought it for leaning against our headboard when we are sitting up in bed. It works well. Hopefully it won’t start flattening.

Carla K. - Verified Buyer