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Vintage Linen Body Pillow Cover Reviews

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Body pillow insert

The body pillow is too small for the cover had to add my old pillow to fill in. Bugs me

Jay T. - Verified Buyer
The "white" is actually IVORY!

This is a high quality, soft, thick linen cover. However, I bought the color "white", which looks true white online, but it's much darker. Doesn't look right with my true white linens from another company. Customer service doesn't answer the phone.

Natasha S. - Verified Buyer

Beautiful and great quality BUT sizing is off. I have bought multiple body pillow inserts (it’s purely decorative so I didn’t want to spend the money on the Parachute insert) and none fit!! I triple checked the sizing and read reviews of the pillow that stated “this pillow is so fluffy I can barely get it in the case” yet the pillow is swimming in this pillow cover. I’m very frustrated and am considering returning. Not worth the headache and doesn’t look as pretty when there is so much loose fabric.

Sizing is off

I purchased the Mulberry color and both the color and fabric are gorgeous! Unfortunately the pillowcase is quite noticeable longer than the pillow itself which leads to unattractive fabric flaps at the end of the pillow. It looks quite sloppy on the bed.

It broke

The zipper on this broke and now it’s stuck on my insert

Coco F. - Verified Buyer
Not accurate coloring

I bought this “white linen“ pillow cover to match my “white linen” bedding, and it’s a completely different color. It looks awkward and doesn’t match. It’s cream / beige and not white at all. If I had known I wouldn’t have purchased it. If the website clearly specified the color to be “cream”, it would prevent any future issues like this from happening again.

Adeliz C. - Verified Buyer
Very uncomfortable

Definitely made to be aesthetically pleasing and not for comfort.

Elise C. - Verified Buyer
wish I had it

I'm still waiting to receive my order :( I bought the pillow cover to try before purchasing a whole bed set, but now I'm thinking I will use somewhere else

Andee R. - Verified Buyer
Dissappointed by color

I got my pillow cover in white and was so sad when I saw it was much more of a cream / natural looking cover unlike the white cover in the photo.

Kay D.
Poor Quality

Unfortunately these covers are quite poor quality. Though the fabric is nice I ordered three different colors and two of them were noticeable longer than than the pillow (also purchased from Parachute) and looked sloppy on the bed. I kept one which was sized correctly but after a couple months of decorative use the zipper started detaching. Three months after that the zipper completely broke at its end. It doesn’t get any use except looking cute on the bed and I have only washed it a handful of times in the gentle cycle and hung to dry so it seems like a quality issue. For the price it just isn’t worth it.