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Wool Gauze Bed Blanket Reviews

15 Reviews

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Beautiful blanket

The blanket is better than we expected! It makes the whole bed. Now our 24 year old daughter wants it as well!

Carol D. - Verified Buyer
Better than I deserve

This blanket is remarkable - somehow both lightweight and warm… and yet cool when it’s otherwise warm. I bought it for my partner but am lucky enough to enjoy it every night. The gray/white balance is a bit weird - the gray almost covers the full width of the king bed but not quite - but it’s a handsome blanket, and soft and stretchy and wonderful in every other way. Grateful to Lovett or Leave It for introducing me to this company.

John M. - Verified Buyer
Wool Gauze Bed Blanket

We love our new blanket! It is the perfect weight and warmth. We need nothing else - just the sheet and the blanket. So happy!! And very cool-looking - the grey and cream go with everything.

Katharine W. - Verified Buyer
Love it very much! Gorgeous,

Love it very much! Gorgeous, stylish, light, warm, cozy, well made. Don’t know yet how it will wear . Using in on the sofa for cozy tv nights with the whole family!

Isabel S. - Verified Buyer
This blanket is heaven

Husband and dog agree. 100% would buy again.

John Z. - Verified Buyer

Perfect blanket. Lightweight but so cozy. Worth it.

Tyndie D. - Verified Buyer
Blanket is lit

This blanket is goat. Rivaled only by the two other parachute blankets I have 💅🏼

Alex L. - Verified Buyer

It is amazingly soft and makes my bed super cozy. Well worth the price!

Shawn M. - Verified Buyer
Looks can be deceiving

Sure. It looks like your standard blanket. You aren't sure you should spend so much on a simple blanket. But believe me...this is no ordinary blanket. Be careful because this is the most delicious experience you've ever had with such a simple piece. The weight is just enough to keep you warm in winter but cool in summer. The texture is lazy yet pulled-together. It is soft and addictive. Everyone who touches it loves the feel of this blanket! When your mother-in-law doesn't want to leave because of your guest room bedding, you can thank Parachute. Gee...thanks, Parachute. ;)

Kerry G.
Amazing blanket

I love the dual tone and how soft and warm it is. My only concern is that only after a couple of months of use it shows a lot of piling and looks a bit worn out.

Andrea A. - Verified Buyer