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Waffle Baby Blanket Reviews

18 Reviews

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Baby blanket and towels

I had the best gifts at the shower!

Dustin S. - Verified Buyer
Such an adorable blanket

I gave my sister the blush colored one as a gift and then had to go buy one for myself. We have a lot of baby blankets, but this one is our favorite!


Lovely blanket beautiful muted shade of pink. Took off a star because it’s only been here a few weeks and already has some pulled/frayed areas. We still really like it though and will continue to use it.

Martin M. - Verified Buyer
Sweet blanket

A lovely blanket - the fawn color is a pale neutral that looks modern. I wish it were softer, but I assume use and washing will make it so.

Kate S. - Verified Buyer
Cute but not soft

I thought this would be like the waffle cloud bath robe in material and softness. I would not describe this as soft, even after washing, which is disappointing, but at least the color is cute. Would not purchase again for this reason.

Kristen P. - Verified Buyer
Expected better

Overall, I love the soft neutral color of the Fawn, however it's kind of a rough blanket for a newborn (which I got it for). I also don't know if it is just mine, but it's a bit discolored looking and uneven. Overall was quite disappointed in this since everything else I've used or gotten from Parachute has been great. This is just not worth it, nor would I recommend for babies.

Rebecca S.
Didn’t last

Unfortunately this did not last after only a couple of washes... have loved everything I’ve bought from Parachute though, but disappointed it didn’t last :(

Elisse P.
Not soft at all

Sadly had to return these - they are not even close to being soft enough for babies.