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Why Sleep With Us?

1Premium Quality

Our Bedding is designed in Venice Beach and manufactured by the world’s best artisans.

2Sublime Softness

We use only the finest fabrics and materials for an unparalleled look and feel.

3Safety First

We’re Oeko-Tex certified, meaning our products are made without harmful chemicals or synthetics.

4Minimalist Look

Our unfussy style and natural color palette appeal to a variety of design aesthetics.

5We Give Back

We partner with the United Nations to donate life-saving malaria-prevention bed nets to those in need.

Everyone Wants
to Sleep With Us

“Ariel Kaye's Parachute is aiming to shake up the home essentials market.”

“If you're a fan of no-fuss, luxury bedding at a reasonable price, you've probably already heard of Parachute.”

"Of all of the sheets I tested, Parachute blew me away the most in terms of quality and value."

“I’ve never been happier with a buy in recent memory, and very few purchases (maybe none?) have brought me this much joy.”