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Sena Nelson

Hey guys! I’m Sena. My family and I left the Pacific Islands for The British Isles a couple of years ago. Whether we are home in London or in an RV doing a trip across the United Kingdom, we always have our linen bedding with us. We got hooked on Parachute a few years ago when we were living with tropical weather and no A/C. We needed something that wouldn’t get hot and sticky, and much to our surprise, linen is just as great in cool temperatures, too. The practicality got us, the coziness and quality kept us! | @senaenelson |

All-Time Favorites

I’m convinced the most comfortable bed in the world doesn’t exist without a cloud cotton quilt, linen sheets, a linen duvet cover, and a nice full down insert. I’m a hoarder when it comes to linen duvet covers. I love to change my bedding up seasonally and mix and match different pieces to make a new set/look. The Parachute linen tones all work together so well, which makes this really easy to do!

Best Picks to Gift (and get yourself)

I believe gift giving should be thoughtful and with purpose. I love to coordinate my gift giving into themes and coordinate the tones. Pair some linen pajamas with a waffle robe and some house slippers for a cozy lounge gift! If you’re creating a gift for someone who loves to cook, look at pairing a linen apron with a linen waffle table cloth.