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Lauren Marigold Bedroom

Lauren Marigold

Hi! I’m Lauren and I’m happy you’re here. I’m a queer content creator from California that lives for all things cozy. Parachute products are the ultimate cozy dream come true - they bring joy and softness into every room of the house. Whether I’m setting the table or tucking into bed, Parachute makes everything in life just a bit more enjoyable. | @laurenmarigold |

All-Time Favorites

When everything is so good, it’s hard to pick favorites. My introduction to Parachute was through the Linen Venice Set - and the rest was history! My absolute can’t miss product is the Cloud Cotton Quilt. Once you try it, you’ll never be without it.

Best Picks to Gift (and get yourself)

The fun of gifting Parachute to your loved ones is knowing they’ll all love it. Every member of my family has a Cloud Cotton Quilt, and my partner and I recently gifted one to their parents. I haven't heard a complaint yet! There is nobody in the world who wouldn’t love opening up Parachute.