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Image of two people parachuting bedding down on to a bed

Ashley Hosmer

In 2016 I moved in with my now husband and realized we needed sheets. At the time I didn't know any bedding brand by name so I started googling and found Parachute. I loved the brand story, styling and color options so I placed an order for a set of sheets. Now, five+ years later, every single room in my home has something from Parachute. Below are my favorite things. | @ashleyhosmer |

All-Time Favorites

If you know me, you know I am obsessed with linen, so obviously that had to go at the tippity top of my list. Linen is the most luxurious bedding fabric, it's textural but soft, it's cool but warm, it's my perfect bedding. For winter, I love adding the cloud quilt to our bed. Nothing compares to the plush, softness of the cloud quilt, I look forward to lower temperatures just to bring it out.

Best Picks to Gift (and get yourself)

If you want to win the holidays, go big with the Body Pillow. Aside from the bedding, the body pillow is my most recommended item and the one thing people continually tell me they can't live without. You also can't go wrong with a throw or quilt from Parachute, the Oversized Rib Knit Throw is so soft and at under $100 it makes the perfect gift.