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Giving Back: Our Partnership With Nothing But Nets

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Nothing But Nets
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When you buy Parachute bedding, you don’t just get great sleep, you give safe sleep, too. Since our start, we’ve partnered with Nothing But Nets – a global campaign that raises malaria awareness and funds to help prevent it.

Image of people sleeping under a net.

The Organization

Nothing But Nets was created in 2006 by the United Nations Foundation after sportswriter Rick Reilly published a column about malaria in Sports Illustrated. In the piece, Reilly highlighted the importance of sending insecticide-treated bed nets – which can reduce rates of malaria by 90% – to people and countries affected by the disease. He called on readers to donate at least $10, the cost it takes to send one bed net. Since then, Nothing But Nets has grown exponentially, raising more than $70 million and sending more than thirteen million bed nets to sub-Saharan Africa.

Children standing in front of a net.

The Stats on Malaria

  • A child dies every two minutes from malaria, resulting in about 1,200 deaths per day.

  • About 90% of malaria deaths occur in Africa.

  • Children and pregnant women are the most vulnerable to contracting the disease.

Image of children reading under a net.

Why We Partner with Nothing But Nets

  • They are doing good on a global scale: Nothing But Nets is an organization that shares our brand commitment to giving back to those in need and allows us to expand our reach in a different and meaningful way.

  • They are making a tangible difference: Just a few years ago, a child died every 30 seconds from malaria and about 3,000 people died per day. These numbers have dropped due, in part, to Nothing But Nets’ work.

Image of a woman with a baby.

What You Can Do to Help

  • For every Venice Set sold, we donate a life-saving bed net to Nothing But Nets. We've donated over 50,000 bed nets to date!

  • Easily donate $10: We enable all customers to make a quick, one-time donation of $10 at checkout.

  • Visit Nothing But Nets’ website: If you’re feeling extra generous, gifts of any size can be given via the organization’s website. They also supply additional information on malaria and their ongoing effort to combat the disease.

Thanks for helping us help others.