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The Most Popular #MyParachuteHomes of April

The Most Popular #MyParachuteHomes of April
Written By
Parachute Team
Photographs By
Mary Salas of Honeywild
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The results are in: you've got style. Lots of light and touches of greenery, these were a few of our favorite Parachute tagged Instagram posts this April. Today, we're highlighting the homes that had us feeling inspired and ready to let the outdoors, in. We're curious – what's your style? Tag #MyParachuteHome for a chance to have your home featured.


Above: First on our list is Common Bond Design’s combination of classic sheets with the addition of citron textiles. We love the way our pinstripe bedding breathes fresh air into this small West Village bedroom. Taking note! Source: Common Bond Design/Instagram


Above: When your room is this cozy, nap time is a breeze. It’s not always that we get to see our twin bedding out in the wild, making this post one of our favorite rooms of April. Why don’t adults get nap time, too? Source: Lindsey Badenhop/Instagram


Above: We’re jealous of whoever gets to spend their evenings relaxing in this luxurious tub and then wrapping up in our waffle bath towels. Source: Edge and Lines Design


Above: A beautiful #DogsofParachute and our Mt. Washington for Parachute Alpaca Lumbar Pillow?! What a site for sore eyes. Source: @_jenk


Above: Danielle plans to add curtains to this inspiring room, but we kind of love how easily natural light falls onto our perfect linen sheets. Source: Danielle of Gheeful


Above: This PNW home is equal parts light and cozy. Source: Mary Salas


Above: Already brainstorming how to incorporate this spring-inspired table-scape into our repertoire using our linen napkins. Source: Ashley Hosmer


Above: Even though Parachute is known for our linen bedding, sometimes even we trade in our linen sheets for crisp percale. The reason? Photos like these where shadows and light dance across a bed and beg us to climb right in. Source: Kate Zimmerman Turpin


Above: River Cabaan is another home with awe-worthy design. This shot teaches us how to transition a nap couch to an extra guest bed using our plush quilts and quilted shams. Source: River Cabaan


Above: We love seeing our blush quilt in a bedroom that reminds us of our spring promise: to blur the line between the outdoors and in. Source: Katie Branch